Top 10 Home Remedies For Colon Cleansing

The colon is a part of the digestive system which is responsible for extracting vitamins, salts, nutrients, and water from indigestible food matter. It also processes the food that was not digested in the small intestine and eliminates the solid waste from the body.

But if it does not function properly, it begins to absorb toxins instead of eliminating them and due to this, problems can occur like bloating, headache, gas, constipation, weight gain, fatigue, low energy and chronic illnesses. Colon cleansing believes that periodically cleaning from the inside out removes the toxin or wastage stuck to the colon walls. Sometimes this waste enters into the blood and may be slowly poisonous people. That’s why it is an old saying that “death begins in the colon”.

But don’t worry with the help of colon cleansing you can easily remove harmful toxins and can promote healthy intestinal bacteria. It also helps you to increase your energy level and improve the digestive system. You can find many treatments available in the market, but best option always should be simple and natural. Here we have some homemade remedies that can help you to clean the colon in a very easy and cheap way.

1.Lemon juice

Lemon is an antioxidant, containing the high amount of vitamin C that is good for the digestive system. Here is how you can use lemon juice for cleansing the colon.

Take one teaspoon of lemon juice and mix it with a pinch of sea salt and a little honey in the glass of lukewarm water. It helps you to improve the bowel movement, enjoy more energy and better skin condition.

Here is another method of using lemon juice.

Take two tablespoons of lemon juice and mix it in a glass of apple juice. Use this 3 to 4 times a day. It helps to thin out the mucous in the bowel.


Drinking plenty of water for colon cleansing is the best thing that you can do. You should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. Regular consumption of water gives your body the liquid and lubrication to remove the harmful toxins and waste from the body in a natural way.

Drinking high amount of water also helps to stimulate the natural peristaltic action and moving food through the digestive system. Water also keeps our body well hydrated.

3.Vegetable Juice

It will be essential for you if you keep away from processed and cooked food for one or two days during colon cleansing. You should drink fresh vegetable juice several times a day instead of solid food. Green vegetables contain chlorophyll that helps to remove toxins from the walls of the colon. Vegetables also contain minerals, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that keep our body healthy and well energized.

For getting good result do not use ready-made vegetable juices. They do not contain the effective enzymes that help to remove the toxins. You should make fresh vegetable juice like carrots, corn, beets, squash, spinach, and kale etc. at home using the blender.

4.Apple Juice

Fresh apple juice is one of the best home remedy using for colon cleansing. Drinking apple juice at daily basis makes the bowel movement better, breaks down toxins, and improves the health of the liver. You should use freshly squeezed apple for best results, but if it is not available you can use organic apple juice. Here is a method of use.

  1. Drink one glass of unfiltered apple juice in the morning regularly.
  2. Then drink one glass of water after 30 minutes.
  3. Make this process several times throughout the day for three days. You can also drink one glass of prune juice during following this remedy. But avoid from solid foods during these three days of cleansing.


Using fresh yogurt on a regular basis is the best way to keep the colon healthy. It is a probiotic food having good bacteria that helps to promote digestion. It also helps to combat inflammatory bowel diseases.

Yogurt contains the high amount of calcium that discourages the growth of cells lining the colon. This best natural thing also helps to solve many stomach problems like flatulence irregular bowel movement, indigestion and lots more.

You can use yogurt in pure form or with some fresh fruits like apples, limes, and berries.

6.Fiber-rich Foods

Eating fiber-rich foods help to clean the colon of the harmful toxins. Fiber-rich foods keep the stool soft and help to improve the bowel movement, that encourages the body to expel waste products. It also helps to get rid of the intestinal problem.

You can get fiber by using fresh fruits like pears, raspberries, and apple as well as fresh vegetables like peas, artichokes, and broccoli. Whole grains, cereals, beans, nuts, and seeds also contain the high amount of fiber.


Flax seed is a big source of omega-3 fatty acids, natural fibers and antioxidants that are why eating flaxseed in your daily diet is the best way to clean your colon walls. It absorbs water, expands the colon and assists in removing toxins and mucus as the waste matter passes through. Flax seed also used to prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

You can use flaxseed by adding to cereal, yogurt, fruit and other healthy foods. You can also use flax seed by adding one tablespoon in one glass of water and drink it 30 minutes before eating your breakfast and before going to bed.

8.Sea Salt

Sea salt is an effective ingredient for colon cleansing due to its detoxifying properties. Here is a method of using sea salt.

  1. Take one tablespoon of Sea salt, mix in a glass of water and boil it.
  2. Drink this warm or cold no matter but in the morning.
  3. After few minutes lay down and massage your stomach down to your colon area gently. It will stimulate the bowel movement and remove the harmful toxins, regular feces, accumulated fecal matter, bacteria and parasites from the digestive track.
  4. Do this process up to 5 times a month.

The important thing is that this solution can cause diarrhea, so you should drink plenty of water and fresh juices throughout the day. Don’t use this remedy if you are a patient of high blood pressure.

9.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has detoxification abilities that act as a laxative, so that’s why it is regarded as an effective colon cleanser. Aloe Vera gel not only helps to improve your colon health, but it also helps to treat the other health problems like skin infections, diarrhea, headaches, gastric pain, and constipation.

  1. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice to fresh Aloe Vera gel and put the mixture in a blender to make few ounces of smooth juice.
  2. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for two to three hours.
  3. Drink it several times a day for a few days.


The last best remedy used for colon cleansing is ginger. Ginger consists of some useful ingredients that help to reduce bloating and stimulate the colon functioning. It keeps the colon free from harmful toxins and waste.

  1. You can use ginger in any form like grated, juice or cut pieces.
  2. The best option to use ginger, mix one teaspoon of ginger juice with the one-quarter cup of lemon juice and two cups of hot water. You can also add a little honey to taste. Make three parts of this solution and drink throughout the day.
  3. You can use ginger by adding it to herbal tea.

Important Note: Ginger is not recommended for pregnant women.