These Signs Tells You That You Have Found your Soul Mate


It is, spiritually speaking; every person that comes into the world has one perfect match to its personality that’s called its soul mate. Nobody can live in this world lonely, you should need one person in your life that will help you at any worse time of your life and understand you when nobody can help you.

Even most people think that a soul mate is a perfect harmonious union of bliss. According to Jerry Mc Guire “soul mate completes each other”. A sincere, honest, and committed soul mate relationship helps to become a better version of you. You just have to push yourself beyond your limits, beyond your comfort zone to find yourself better.

But here is one thing important, a soul mate relationship can be bored at the beginning, as two jagged edged puzzle pieces trying to click into place. Maybe at that time, you will not feel good, but after a little bit turning, twisting and flipping the pieces around you will get the perfect click. You will feel deep in your soul and that would be the right one.

At your first meeting may be you not physically attracted to each other, but there would be still one mysterious force behind you that will push you forward and tells you this is the right one for you.

Here we have described some qualities that help you know that you have found a perfect soul mate.

Perfect one for you

As I already told you at above that something deep insight you tell that this one is perfect for you. There is something like a spiritual force pushing you forward to that guy and you think to leave off everything you previously expected and give of yourself completely.

Your souls meet the right time

You have to be ready to receive the soul connection. Although I and my husband were close to each other for many years, we did not meet until the time was right for both of us. You have to be ready to meet your soul mate. It is because that time we are not ready to ditch our “perfect person checklist”, but when it comes to soul mates- timing is everything.

A peaceful place is your quiet space

Being quiet together is consoling, like a fluffy down blanket on a cold winter night. Whether you are driving in the car or reading in the same room there is a quiet peace between you.

Understanding the other person’s silent thoughts

When you comes depth to your relationship then you can feel and hear what your partner is thinking at that time even if he is not verbally expressed.

Feeling of each other’s pain

After some time of your soul mate relationship, here comes a point at which you feel the worries and sadness of your soul mate without his expressing because at that time you know each other very well. You can tell how his day was, just by seeing in his eyes. You can feel each other’s feeling: worry, stress, and sadness and also you can share each other’s happiness and joy.

You don’t feel jealous

It is a fact, when you really love someone, then you become happy to see his happiness.  You don’t feel jealousy to see your partner in success.

Respect each other opinions

Sometimes you both have different opinions, and this time is a challenging time for both of you. These are the times when you are being forced to let the other guy complete you. You still have your own opinions, but instead of disagreeing, you respects each other’s opinion. At that time you felt the difference between love and honor.

You know how to apologize

It’s not easy to say sorry or admits that you did something that hurt the guy you love. A soul mate is a beautiful relation in which you realize that your actions or words may cause harm and you easily apologized to your partner if he is being hurt by you.