Are You In Love Or It’s Just An Attachment

You are in love with your partner or it’s just an attachment.

We all have some friends who jump from relationship to relationship and each time they said that they are totally and completely in love. Every time we wonder that how can one person be in love with all these people at a time.

“O” please come on, it’s not the love. It’s just an attachment or you can say it is a friendship with that guy. No doubt it’s so funny. But the fact is, they don’t know the difference between love and attachment. Attachment is just a fear of being alone. Now the question is how you find that you are in love or just have the attachment. If you are just so damn scared of being alone, then anyone who comes close to you, you will feel safe and secure. Then this is called attachment.

Here we have some major difference between love and attachment

1.“ Love is Selfless, attachment is selfish”

Young couple drinking wine and flirting

Love is a thing that makes your partner beloved and happy, while attachment is forcing your partner to make you feel happy and good about yourself. When you are in love with your partner, then it means that how much you give value to his. It is called selfless.

However, if you only attached to your partner then you will feel that whole relationship is all about to you. It means that when you will leave that relation all the things will be finished. That’s called selfishness.

2.“Love is liberating, attachment is controlling”

True love has a power that liberates you to show your true self. True love based on trust that means you never be afraid to reveal even the height of your weakness. In a love relationship, you fully accept your partner, both the good and bad properties, you have to ignore them for whatever the reason is.

If you feel that you are controlling then you can’t say it is a love. Love becomes a disgusting thing when it crosses the limits of selfish via compelling your partner to stay with you and giving less time to his or her friends. Love teaches us to feel it with liberating your partner in his or her life while dealing with anyone.

3.“Love is mutual growth, attachment is encumbering”

Mutually secure relationship helps the both persons to grow up well in all types of issues and make the relationship totally reliable for both of them. Through this man can get inspiration for achieving the goal by holding each other’s back. This inspiration allows you to express your talent very well.

At the same time, absolute dependence on one another can be proved an extra burden on the relationship. Which can make your relationship bored and tired of. In that case, lack of interest can be developed in your relationship. This lack of interest by both the person may harm the relationship and it can also delay in getting the goal faster from any field.


4. “Love is everlasting, attachment is transient”

Some people have a strong commitment in love and relationship to make lasts for a long time. That’s why the person you love always have a special and significant place in your life either that person is with you or not. The things related to that person always become the cause of an inner smile whenever you see or touch them either the relationship may fail in the long run.

Any relationship can last if it is based on hard work but when it remains only an attachment it will tend to an end quickly. The level of happiness or sadness always defined by your partner as he or she is responsible for this feeling. It is better to end up the relationship faster if it is only an attachment because it may become a toxic or poisonous relationship for you.

  1. “Love is ego-reducing, attachment is ego-boosting”

  2. Whenever we grow up a relationship, we have to transcend the barriers of ego and pride. Because the love is the power that makes a man able to have a spiritual feeling for his or her partner if he or she is really in love with anyone. If the relationship is based on just the attachment, then it can become the cause of ego-boosting. Which can end up the relationship quickly because there is no deep connection between both of persons which are the result of indulging in self-development?