There are 10 Helpful Natural Remedies to Relieve Headache and Stress

Last updated on June 16th, 2017 at 05:18 pm

A headache is a common problem in today’s world due to long time work and excess of irritants like noise pollution. A headache hits the life in its all area such as school, office, college, market and even the home life. It disrupts the all normal functioning of life. A headache can cover the whole head with pain or attack over an isolated part of the head; it can be the forehead or the back side of the head. It usually appears with pain in the back of our eyes that increasingly covers the whole head. A headache can last for one hour or more and in worse circumstances, It can last for one week or more than this. It is a very disturbing situation even human body entirely loses its control over the normal functioning.

In that painful situation, most people rush towards the medical stores and physicians who suggest painkillers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. This is not good for their body maintenance.  It is an expensive and time to consume for you as you are in a hurry to get an immediate solution to get relief from pain. But fortunately, we have an alternative and cheap source of getting rid of a headache.

1.Scalp Massage:

It is the easiest method to get relief from a headache. It can be done by yourself or by anyone else who can easily available there to help you. Scalp help your blood movement proper that maintains the blood pressure level and make you feel good by relieving from pain. During a massage, we have to focus basically on the skull’s point which is nearer to the hairline. It helps you to relax but be careful that while having a scalp massage there should be no noise or irritating voices or loud music. Through this, you can easily go to sleep for a while that make you feel good enough and rapid. It is also very necessary to keep yourself hydrated through drinking a lot of water before getting the massage, as it is helpful to make the car faster.


To get a faster, ease from the pain it is good to use the oil while getting a scalp massage. These oils have no side effects. As these oils have no chemical harms, they are safe for the youngsters. We can use the oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil and basil oil for scalp massage to get relief from a headache. These oils release a headache by getting absorbed into the muscles of the head and it can help to make the blood pressure faster which is the main cause of a headache. Peppermint oil is helpful to regulate the flow of blood and the lavender oil is helpful to relax the muscles. The basil oil also helps to make the body feel relaxed.

3.Flax seeds

Flax seeds are the natural ingredient that we found on our home easily. That is more beneficial than any other thing as it can heal a headache from its root cause. Sometimes anyone may suffer from a headache due to the constipation problem. In that case, the flax seed helps you get relief from both of the problems and you can easily feel free from the pain. As the flax seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids which are more beneficial for our body.


It’s a perennial shrub which beneficial to get rid of the irritating head pain. This shrub contains the chemical properties of substance P which work as the pain inducing element while using. We can use it by mixing with warm water for drinking to get relief from pain or use it by applying on nostrils with a cotton swab. You have too moist the nostrils until you feel the heat and the antibacterial properties of cayenne reduce the growth of disease which is the basic cause of a headache.


Potatoes are the most delicious thing to eat and make a good appetite. It can also have a good bank of potassium which is helpful to release the pain of the head. Drinking alcohol reduces the quantity of potassium from the body. In that situation, the potatoes are helpful to make up the amount of potassium in the body at the proper level. A proper level of potassium alleviates the pain of head arising from the use of alcohol.


Dehydration is also a cause of a headache. Our body needs some specific amount of water in each day. If we don’t drink water according to our need, results to reduced oxygen and flow of blood to the brain. As you feel starting of pain in the head, then drink a cold glass of water immediately, and after that keep one bottle of cold water every time next to you to normalize the flow of both blood and oxygen. You should also drink more water after consuming alcohol or other beverages that dry you out like sugar-filled-drinks and coffee etc. The best alternative to water is fruits that are rich in water like watermelon or melon. Watermelon is also a big source of magnesium.


As you already know, that caffeine is an effective remedy for alleviating the pain from a headache. The reason is, coffee helps to reduce the size of blood vessels, so, that’s why we should drink coffee. But keep in mind, due to coffee our body can be dehydrating and it can be the reason of a headache. So, avoid to consumption of coffee in large quantity.

8.By taking some rest

When you feel a headache, then take some rest to recover yourself. Because in most cases a migraine or a headache is caused by overwork, forcing yourself to work that you can’t do easily. So find a quiet place and take some rest, it will relax your mind and muscles. And you will see after the right period of time your headache will disappear. Here you should remember that oversleep can also a cause of a headache.  It is recommended that you should sleep 7 to 8 hours at night.


Our body, including the brain, needs some extra minerals to keep working correctly. For efficient working of the brain, it needs calcium. Consumption of yogurt is a great way to get the high amount of calcium. There are also many other foods high in calcium. However, plain yogurt is best for serving because it has no sugar.


After water, there is another refreshing drink to relieve a headache is tea. You can use different types of teas for treating the headaches. Commonly used drinks are green tea, chamomile tea, cinnamon tea and ginger tea. Teas are effective for relieving pain and soothing tension. If you add a minimal amount of caffeine in your every cup of tea, it will boost energy and at the same time it will act as a pain killer and will relieve your pain. It consists of the combination of antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties of tea will effectively kill the pain.