How Can You Loose Weight Without Any Dieting Plan Or Exercise

Everybody has a wish to look younger, smarter and healthier.  But nobody is willing to make an effort for achieving his goals. Or you can say that most of us don’t have so much time to exercise daily or to visit our doctor who can suggest us dieting plan to keep our body smart.

So here we have some tips for you. After applying these tips in your life you do not only keep your body healthy, but you can also control your weight without any exercise or dieting plan.

Keep Away Unhealthy Foods

It is studied that 19.9% people have the food addiction and it is characterized by intense food craving. If you think that you have a food addiction too, then put unhealthy food away from you. When you will not see the unhealthy food you cannot eat it. Next thing, seeing food will make you want to eat it and unhealthy food surely leads to weight gain.

So keep your refrigerator and kitchen shelves clear of potato chips, ice cream, chocolates and other unhealthy ingredients.

Instead of these keep healthy foods like nuts, hard boiled eggs, fruits, yogurt, and carrots for that time when you feel hungry.

In this way, you can fulfill your desire without getting too many calories.

Need For Beauty Sleep

Need for beauty sleep is no doubt an important thing for health, so don’t underestimate it. According to the scientist, it is necessary to 8-hour sleep for the body to rejuvenate it. If you will not get enough sleep, it will increase your stress level that is terrible for your weight.

Hormones regulate our appetites like leptin and ghrelin, these can’t be released when we are sleep deprived. More ever cortisol also increases with the increases of stress. It also studied that our body mass index (BMI) increases when leptin and ghrelin are under-secreted. According to another study in just 5 irregular sleeping days, you can gain weight almost 1 kg.

No more sugar

There are a lot of added sugar foods that we use in our daily routine from breakfast cereals to fruit juice.

Keep away from the high amount of sugar added foods or high-fructose syrup. These syrups are associated with high risk of obesity which can cause the cardiovascular diseases. Also avoid to fruit juice, which is consist of the high amount of sugar. You can use the sugar fix juice like berries. It is studied that berries can also help to prevent from gaining weight.

Don’t eat fast

Do you remember your childhood memory when your mother reprimands you that chew your food properly? That was actually a sound advice.

Our brain does not give us immediate response when our stomach is full. So we eat much more than our need to. So eat food slowly and chew it properly, it will give to your brain enough time to get the signal that your stomach is now full. As a result, you will eat less as to your body need.

Drinking Lots of Water

We are well aware that water is necessary for our health and fitness. It is studied that water has a significant effect when you replace sugary drinks with water. Water have no doubt so many benefits in our healthy life so make it your habit of drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water in your daily routine without any thinking.

According to scientist water has the big role in boosting our metabolism by 24 to 30% over a period of 1.5 hours that allows burning of the calories at a fast rate. For weight loss, you should make your habit, drink one glass of water before starting your meal. It will help you to lose 44% weight over a period of 12 weeks.

Fiber-Rich Foods

It is studied that higher fiber foods help to lower the body weight. But found only plant source such as flax seeds, oranges, oats, Brussels sprouts, and beans. Viscous fiber converts into the gel like substance in the stomach, which delays it emptying itself.

By using Fiber-Rich Foods you can replace your carbohydrates and fats and can enjoy a leaner figure.


Protein is a popular weight loss supplement. It is studied that replacing other sources of calories with protein can help to lose about 3.6 kg. It also helps to increase muscle mass.

According to another study eating eggs instead of grains can lower your calorie intake for the following 36 hours. The best source of proteins is fish, chicken breast, quinoa, and almonds.

Drink Coffee or Green Tea

We have already told you above that keep away to drink sugary drinks. So the question is that what the healthy drinks are. The answer is coffee or green tea without sugar or cream. According to research, coffee and caffeine consist of minerals that can boost the metabolism by 3 to 11% and increase fat burning by 10 to 29%.

It also studied that green tea showed positive impacts on weight loss.