Best Healthy Weeknight Dinner Recipes


A well-balanced diet consists of the right vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that keep our mind and body healthy and strong. Well-diet does not mean eating well because eating an unbalanced diet can be harmful to your health instead of keeping your body healthy. Well-balanced diet means adding of healthy ingredients that are used for prevention of a variety of disease and health problem.

Eating healthy diet does not only keep your body healthy and strong, but it also helps you to maintain your weight, provides energy and promotes a general feeling of happiness. By following the healthy and balanced diet, you can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Here we have some healthy dinner recipes that help you to control your weight gain and keep your body healthy.

Here is first healthy weeknight dinner recipe

Chili-Rubbed Steak Tacos

Ingredients                                                                       Quantity

Chili Powder                                                                        1 tablespoon

Ground Cinnamon                                                             ¼ teaspoon

Salt                                                                                         ¼ teaspoon

Cayenne pepper                                                                   one pinch

Top sirloin steaks                                                                ¼ pound cut one inch thick

Corn tortillas                                                                        12 small 5 to 6 inches in diameter

Shredded red cabbage                                                         3 cups

Chopped cilantro leaves                                                      ½ cups

Lime                                                                                        1 cut into wedges

Avocado lime salsa, recipe                                         2 cups

Ingredients                                                                        Quantity

A Cucumber, peeled                                                         about 2 cups seeded and cut into chunks

Red onion, diced                                                                  ½ pieces

2 lime juice                                                                            1 /4 cups

Jalapeno chiles, chopped                                                     2


How to Make

  • Take a small bowl; stir together garlic, cinnamon, chili powder, salt and cayenne pepper.
  • Rub this mixture on both sides on steaks.
  • Grill steaks for 5 to 6 minutes on medium rare, you can also boil the steaks.
  • Now remove from the grill and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Now warm up the tortillas on the grill for 30 to 40 seconds and turn its side once. You can place tortillas at a time between 2 moist paper towels and in the oven for 40 to 45 seconds.
  • Keep the tortilla in a napkin or in any cloth to keep it warm.
  • Now place the tortillas, cilantro, cabbage, Avocado, Lime Salsa and lime in a serving dish.

Avocado Lime Salsa

  • Place avocado, cucumber, and onion in a bowl and add salt and lime juice.
  • Now add chilies, cilantro and mix it gently.

Here is another healthy weeknight recipe

Turkey Meatballs with Quick and Spicy Tomato Sauce and Whole-Wheat Spaghetti

Ingredients                                                                              Quantity

Olive oil                                                                                       1 tablespoon

Garlic, minced                                                                            4 cloves

Tomato paste                                                                             3 tablespoon

Crushed fire roasted tomatoes                                               1 can (28 ounces)

Finely minced canned chipotle en adobo and sauce          1 teaspoon

Finely chopped oregano leaves                                              2 teaspoon

Fresh rosemary                                                                          1 sprig

Salt                                                                                               as you needed

Fresh basil leaves                                                                       ¼ cup

Meat Balls

Ground turkey meat                                                                   1 pound

Fresh whole-wheat bread, crust removed                               1 slice

Grated Parmesan                                                                         ¼ cup

Finely grated carrot                                                                    ½ cup

Finely chopped onion                                                                  ½ cup

Garlic, minced                                                                               2 large cloves

Parsley leaves                                                                                 2 tablespoons minced fresh

Fresh thyme leaves                                                                        2 teaspoon

Egg, lightly beaten                                                                           1

Black pepper,                                                                                    fresh 1 teaspoon

Whole-wheat spaghetti                                                                  1 box (16 ounces)

How to Make

Firstly boil the pasta in a large stockpot filled with water.

Making the sauce:

  • Take 4 quarter saucepan, heat the oil over medium heat. Fry the onion until it becomes reddish brown, then add the garlic and cook for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Now add tomatoes, tomato paste, chipotles, oregano, salt, and rosemary.
  • Now boil these all ingredients at medium heat and cook for about 15 minutes until liquid has evaporated slightly.
  • While sauce is cooking, make meatballs at that time.
  • Preheat the broiler and spray a baking sheet, now mix the turkey with all other ingredients in a large bowl.
  • Make 2 or ½ inches balls and place them on a baking sheet.
  • Cook them for 10 minutes until it’s browned, and about to entirely cooked.
  • Now add fresh basil from the sauce and remove rosemary sprig.
  •  Put all meatballs to the sauce and cook for additional 10 minutes, even the sauce has slightly thickened.
  • During meatballs cooking, you can cook the whole-wheat spaghetti according to directions.
  • Now drain the pasta and return it to the bowl. Add the meatballs and sauce, mix and cook them over medium heat.
  • Divide this delicious dish into 4 bowls and serve with parsley and grated parmesan.

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