One of the main ingredients that cause obesity and overweight is sugar. When this ingredient is mixed with fats and carbs it can lead to serious health issues, and fast weight gain. Many people are not aware of the fact that they are consuming large quantities of sugar by simply eating different products such as sodas, salad dressings, drinks, yogurts, candies, cereals, etc.

All of these products contain excessive amount of sugar which can accumulate over time and cause serious health issues. Instead you should try to consume honey, raisins, natural fruit juices, mangoes and bananas.

Sugars are used by our body as fast source of energy which usually leads to increased level of glucose in the blood. If you have increased level of glucose in the blood it can cause serious health problems, and might block the absorption of nutrients.

Consuming excessive amounts of sugar can lead to side effects such as hyperactivity, depression, yeast infection, problems with sinuses, headaches, and insomnia. Also it can cause serious health problems with your cardiovascular system, and might lead to breast cancer.

Sugar consumption leads to gaining weight

Once you consume sugar your body immediately tries to use it as source of energy, but the amounts that the body is not able to use is stored as fat. It is important to mention that artificial sugars don