When Things Seem Worst That You Must Not Quit

Last updated on September 22nd, 2017 at 02:33 am

Life is a bed of roses but roses always grow up with the thorns. Multiple experiences of life make us unable to takes the thing according to their worth as they are settling our life behind the scene. In fact, the describing point is that when thing went worse than make us barefooted and we are compelled to walk our broken pieces of glass in an area where we have to walk necessarily to get the things of our daily usage or earning. But for some people, it is the low probability to stand along the hardships with cross erect.

While passing over a rocky path or trudging over a hilly way, you are retiring of funds and your amount is overdue. All the things are bearable but this is most likely when you are having the smile on your face. The man of such magnitude always transcends the barriers of time and space. This shows the grace of a successful person.

Try Again And Did Not Quit

The meaning of life got totally change when we try again and did not quit because life becomes meaningless when we did not have any thrill or emotionally traverse things. Such like thing makes us unable to get a goal or ambition to get anything and it can only be possible by having a dedication and firm resolve. Firm resolve is the best thing which always helps us to not quit at any point of getting your goal.

Life is too short for a dignified person but too long for those who are here just to spend this life in eating, drinking and having fun. That’s why the dignified person takes this life as an adventure and always consider the failure as the first step towards the success.

Life Has Knocked You Down But, Always Get Up

Nothing happens in life but with some logic and reasoning. It’s all about man’s will because competitive personalities chose the hard way to get the goal. The firm resolve demands that it should be upheld by the laziness and feeling of a dilemma. Because the roots of success are bitter but the fruit is sweet. Simultaneously, the hardships and hurting circumstances always end up with the best either things gone worse or bad until the end.

  • When we take a short glimpse of the history, all the successful personalities have certain points of getting success.
  •  They make a long time struggle behind their successful and bright career.
  • Through this struggle, they remain stick to their objective.
  • When they feel agitation or restlessness, they take a break and rest but did not quit.
  • That is the main thing which they follow while getting success.

Life Can Be Worse But It’s All For The Best

Life is full of strange things and shows such things which sometimes proves as irritants for us. When we try to make up such things good, often we experience the things worse than before but it does not mean that we should lose heart and hope while facing this. Life knocked on our door in form of hardships but in real behind these hardships, there is bright future hiding just to check out how much willingness and courage we have to get it. Throughout the life, you have multiple experiences and get many lessons through them.

  • You know the real value of truth and times which are such things can never be achieved if we lose them even a single time.
  • You learn how to control your emotions and feelings during hard times.
  • You know about your real well-wishers and foes being a destitute or needy in difficult times.
  • Lastly, it gives you the experience of real happiness at an end when you get your goal after a long time.

Don’t Forget Your Goal

Don’t forget your goal at any point that why you started, and what circumstances that you have been faced in your past. What was the reaction of people when you had been failed at multiple times? Don’t forget your ambitions and just go forward in your life as you can. Keep in mind that nothing is impossible in this life. Impossible is that word which itself says, “I am possible”. It means that nothing is impossible in this world whether it takes too much time or makes us tired or compels us to give with the goal. Because when one way is blocked by anything then many others remained open to welcome us in the fields of wisdom and success. So, it’s clear when you feel that your destination is so far from you than just close your eyes and imagine that maybe it’s too near to get. So, don’t quit and perish in the attempt to get your goal achieved.