Thank You God For Everything, You Have Given Me


Thank You God For Everything

Make saying thank you to your higher power is in your daily routine. Did you know about the higher power of the world, who gives you each and everything of your life? The happiness of your life, your each achievement that you got in your life is gifted by your God. Your beloved people that you have in your life, your parents who bring you in this world, your brother who always remain with you, your sister who always prays for your success and your friends that love you and are a reason for your smile. These all beautiful gifts are from your God who creates the whole world so it is time to make thank you God for each and everything of your life.

  • God gave you 86,400 seconds of today. Did you use just one second to say him thank you?
  • Say thank you to your God because he protected you from the worries and hardships of life.
  • He knows what you want without telling him and he gives you without your request because he knows what is in your heart.
  • Say him thank you because he knows what is better for you, and he always does well even you didn’t know about the reality.
  • Say thank you to your God because of blessing you much more you deserve.

Don’t Feel Inferior

Don’t be sad to think about that you don’t have any superior life, but thanks to your God about what you have more than other. Just look to your down side not up and observe what you have better than other people from your God. Can you imagine each natural gifts that you have, your ear by them you can listen, your feet so that you can walk, your hand by that you can work easily, you have eyes by them you can see the beauty of world, your tongue by that you can taste the amazing food of God. Did you think that if any of this one thing, if you don’t have then what would you have the reservations and hardships?

  • Say thanks to your God for his blessing to you and your family.
  • For the strength that he gave you for each and everyday job.
  • And say thank you for your beloved people around you who make your life more beautiful and meaningful.
  • Say thank you to your for he, wake up you in the morning and gave you another chance of life.
  • Say thank you for each evening because he getting you all the day.
  • Say thanks to your God because he is fighting your battles and arranging things to your favor, he made a way when you don’t know about the way.

Say thanks to Your God In  the Best Way

Now it is time to make thank you in the good and blessing way, say thank you to your God by helping the poor and needy people that didn’t have many resources like you. Find the needy people who didn’t tell everyone about their needs and help them just due to, they are the creatures of God like you. This will give you more happiness. You can thanks to your God by cleaning the earth and make it more beautiful by planting. You can thanks to your God by making smile of human beings face. Don’t hurt anybody by abusing them.

  • Say thanks to God for your bad days and good days, because he seeking you all the time.
  • Say thanks to your God for being there when nobody was with you.
  • Say thanks to your God when you least expect it and God makes a Miracle for you.

The last thing, praise your God each and every time because he have the power of the whole world and he can do everything that you can’t imagine. Share this message with your friends so that they can think about the gifts of God. Share this image on your social media accounts lie Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc.