How To Express Your Feelings With Your Lover


Hey, everyone! Today the topic that I chose to describe here is the common thing or you can say any issue that most people have. You meet many people in your daily routine in your college, office and even in your neighbors too. Most of them some close to you even one will be to that you loved very much.  It is most important that you should tell that person, how much he/she has importance in your life. So that he/she can know about your feelings. So the question is that how you can express your feelings with that person. Here I have some tips for you to say your lover I love you.

I Love You

Say him/her I love you is a most straightforward way to tell your lover that you love him. But instead of using this straightforward way you can use some cute stuff like I am thankful to my God to have you in my life. Or I feel happy when you are with me.  I have a best friend in my life that is only you. I can’t imagine my life without you. This is the cute thing that will force another person that he/she think about you.

Tell your Lover how important they are

Tell your lover that what he/she have importance in your life. What positive impacts came in your life after them? For example when you have any tension then after seeing your partner you feel relax your tension. Tell this thing to your partner, it would be perfect for your lover to let him know about your feelings.

Prepare yourself for being hurt

Prepare yourself for being hurt, here I mean to say express your feelings completely without any hesitation and tell each and everything that you feel with your partner because this is the most important thing.  But you can be hurt by another person if he/she has not any feelings like you or he/she may be in love with any other person.  It’s the sacrifice that you would be doing after got the result. But don’t worry result can be opposite too.

Ask for advice from your lover


Ask advice from your partner in any situation, it shows that you have the importance of his/her opinion. And you need the guide from your beloved one. This will show his/her meanings in your life.

Expel Your Feelings to each other

There might be some times when your partner can be in any tension, stressful or upset due to any reason. Then at that time don’t leave him/her alone to deal with their problems. Go close to him/her and give courage so that he/she share his/her feelings with you. Show him/her that he/she have a partner in front of him who can solve his problems.

Be Honest

The most important thing of true love doesn’t be fake. This is the problem with most people that they cannot tell the truth about their reality due to fear of hurt. But this is not the good thing; you will be hurt badly when your lover will know the truth. So be honest with your lover and tell him each and everything about your life secrets. This will make the good connection between you and your lover.

Write a Letter

Though it is an old thing to express your feelings with your lover through the love letter. But believe me, this was the most romantic and amazing way of showing your love. So pick up a paper and pen, write your feelings completely that you think about your love so that he/she can think about you.

Tell each other your Secrets

Telling your secrets to each other, it shows that you have trust in him because people don’t share their secrets with anyone instead of trusting the person. So it is a true sign of love that you really caring for your lover.

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