The Truth is The Truth, Even If No one Believes It


Moral Value Of Truth

Truth always makes a winning situation either it is discouraged or hated by all the people because it is always walking away with a heroic and dignified person. In fact, the truth is followed by few people and in most of the cases only one person knows the truth but no one believes him or her because a majority believe on that from where they are getting the benefit or having a social relationship. But if we take a short glimpse of the history, all the heroic personality having people does not lose heart on how many people are following the wrong path and believing in the lie. They continued their struggle because they know the fact that truth and patience are those rides which never let their riders fall neither in anyone’s feet nor in any one’s eyes.

  • Sometimes the truth can be harmful but it will be just for the short span of time.
  • Truth always has a long lasting impression for all and sundry in all circumstances either it is followed by a poor person or rich.
  • It proves the dignity of that person who sacrifices to prove the truth.
  • Truth never lets them down to those who are having a firm determination to prove the lie as the lie.

  • Truth teaches us how to make people happy inwardly.
  • It always makes the every ending the happiest one for all the people.

Real Happiness is in the Truth

The real happiness is proved when a person knows about the reality. It is said that don’t lie to those who believe you that is most important to make a relationship as long lasting as your life is. Telling a lie can make your beloved one happy for the just a little time but when he or she went through the truth it would really hurt inwardly and that one lie become the cause of worry for the whole life on which any compromise can never be made. Being a layer is the most shameful thing than anything else. It is better to make the people temporarily sad by telling truth in spite of making them sad for their whole life.

  • Lying can change your life’s happiest things into the worst things.
  • We can lose our trust by telling lie just for one time and this gap cannot be filled by many truths which you will tell after that.
  • A lie can mention you as a bad angel for whole life in every situation either you are a good or bad person at that particular span of time.
  • The happiness which is gotten by lies is not spiritual happiness and cannot heal our soul anyways.


Broken Trust Really Hurts the Person

Laying someone to that, who really trusts you, really hurts that person. It leaves the worst impression on him or her. Winning trust is the toughest goal of any person’s life but when you try to disrupt it, it takes just a few moments and when we cross these few moments, we can never make our trust as it was before.

  • Truth is the most valuable thing for all and sundry either it is followed by one person or more.
  • It gives a sense of gratitude and humanity to a human being which is resulted in self-identification.
  • A human being can make mistakes but if he or she starts lying to hide these mistakes than those mistakes multiplied to each other and take a form of blunders which can never be overcome.
  • The only truth is the best way to prove you honest with your own self and with your beloved on although it is proved at the end time when you have no way out.
  • It is a proved thing that a person who is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

According to Dalai Lama “try to remain truthful. The power of truth never decline. Force and power may be effective in the short term but in the long run, its truth that prevails.”

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