My Dad Is an Angel For Me


My Dad Is an Angel For Me

I have a great gift from God that is my dad. He is like an angel for me who always remain with me. Even from the start when I was a child I remember all precious memories that I had to spend with my dad. I remember that day when I was a small child and my father holds my finger to make me able to walk. I just want to say thank you to my dad for each and everything that he said or did. I know I can never find any person in my life like my father in this world because I have the deficiency in my life that can be filled by just my father.

My Father Support

My father supports me even when I fail. And he always said to me that he is proud of me, this thing increases my courage more. I have seen the tears of happiness in my dad’s eyes when I got success and my heart filled with pleasure to see my father happiness. I feel so lucky when my dad say that I am her princess. He is the only person who bears every type of hardships to fulfill my needs in all circumstances.

I am wondering that how my dad knows about my interests and needs even I didn’t tell him. And he provides me everything even I know my dad is not such a wealthy person. I remember all gifts that my father has given to me at my birthday parties. All the gifts are superb and beautiful to whom are loveable for me very much. I love you dad so much. You are such a great hero that cannot be any other person for me. I have no words to express my feelings and loveable emotions for my dad.

Some Words In Honour Of My Dad

My MoM A Miracle Worker

If you also have a dad like me then give a big hug to your dad and say him thank you dad, for everything.

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