Some Words in Honour of My DAD


My dad was the greatest personality of this world for me. My dad was the big strength for me, my guard who always protected me with love and strength. With my dad, I had no fear of anyone. Today he is not with me but I can feel him every time and everywhere.

I wanted to give him honor by lightening the candles. The people who love us very much can’t go far away. They remain lives close to our heart. The voice of my father is now unheard but I can hear in his previous memories. Because I know my father still loved me. The greatest gift of the world that I had from the God is just my dad. I have no comparison of you in this world. You are my first love and my great hero who has no example in the whole world. I would not immortalize my dad in the stars because they fade away

I would not remember my dad like a poem because it will be forgotten one day. I will save my father memories in my heart which always lives close to me. When I sit alone and said I miss you then I believe that someone is listening to me who is close to me more than anyone else. I can feel his love every time. The greatest gift from my dad has he believed me. And I believe that my father is now in heaven and lives like an angel. If you also have a dad like me then click on this image save it and share this message with your beloved father. Share this message with everyone who has the father like you have, by sharing this image on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc, and don’t forget to tag your father.

My MOM a Miracle Worker            

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