Life Is Not About Quantity of Friends

Friendship is a relationship in which two people cares each other. But this dry definition does not fulfill the requirement of good friends. We have so many friends even we cannot count them. We have friends is our school, we have friends in the neighborhood, we have friends in our family even we have friends at our praying place.

But we cannot consider these all friends the good friends. Our friends are the important part of our life. They help us to make the good and bad decision. Good friends make our life happy and easy with their good suggestion. Our parent and teachers mostly stressed us to make good friends. The definition of good friends varies person to person. The good friends have some qualities and characteristics like good friends always remain with you when you need them. They always remain with you even good and bad times.

A good and most important quality of the good friend is, he will be loyal. When you are in angry mode due to any tension, he will face you with patience and gave you strength by saying good words. He is always with you.