Man Attacked After Racist Remarks, Two Men Died And One Injured

There is another shocking news from America where two men died on Friday afternoon and 3rd was hurt in a Portland light rail train. According to police, a man attacked on that person after roared in the high voice and make “hate speech” at two Muslim girls from one of them wearing hijab.

According to the report of Oregon, Live Police arrested the attacker man when he was running from the train. Police still doing their duty on Friday night to identify the attacker and also the people who were survivors too.

According to the other passenger of the train, before that incident, the assailant on the train starts a discussion on any other topics. Then this discussion converted into hate speech or you can say biased language. Then he turned his focus to the women from one of them was in hijab.

During this discussion about different topics some people approached his ideas and try to intervene with his behavior but the other people who were against him, he attacked them.

After this severe attack, one person died at that time but the other one was also in serious condition and died in hospital. The third one sent to the hospital which has some small injuries.

According to the witnesses that after an attack on 3 people the man was going to left the train at next stop and he said that no one would follow him. According to the KOIN report after that, Portland took these all suspects into their custody near the Providence hospital. Then he ran to the south that is the nearby neighborhood.

It is not cleared at that time that what was a specific issue of discussion. According to Simpson “he was talking about a lot of different things, not just specifically anti-Muslim”.

So we cannot say that was an anti-Muslim activity.

Police have no idea that what was the main issue with this attacker. Maybe he has some mental health problem or he has under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol at the time of an incident.

This attack happened at MAX train. After this incident, a train stopped on tracks at a transit center during the police investigation.

TriMet which controls and operates the MAX train told the police that there were also some CCTV cameras fixed in the train so they can provide the video of all incident. That video is now given to the Portland Police.

One woman passenger Evelin Hernandez 38-year-old who is the resident of Clackamas, Oregon. She has told the newspaper that she was on the train when the discussion was started, suddenly man covers his face to the women and starting racist remarks. A group of a passenger of the train tried to quiet him but he attacked them.

According to Officer Simpson that the women left the train at the spot before police arrived. So we were not able to talk those women to hear them that what was the original scene and what was actually happened.

Officer Simpson said that “it is horrific, there is no other word to describe what happened today,” for victim people our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families but for the witnesses, we have no other world because of it so awful.

Simpson further explained that “There’s no other word to describe what happened today.”

There is millions of Muslims in the world and Friday is the most important day in their religion. In this day for Muslims, there is a time of intense prayer, dawn to dusk fasting and also nightly dinners. And now it is the start of Ramadan the most religious month of the Muslims.