Deborah Crosby Finds Her Father Remains After 50 Years


After all, Deborah Crosby finds her father remains after 50 years. She touched her father’s flag-draped casket and her three brothers hugged her at that time with tearful eyes at the San Diego airport on Friday. Deborah Crosby is the daughter of American pilot Lt. Cmdr. Frederick P.

Deborah Crosby now 58-year-old but that time she was only 6 when she heard about her father death. But that time body of her father had not found. It was big incident for Deborah and her family. Her family was so disappointed about her father remains.

Even the mother of Deborah Crosby could never talk about her father death. But just one time she told to the Deborah and her brothers about her father death. She told that her father plane was going to a bomb damage assessment mission. But before it, Vietnamese forces attacked him.

At that time her father was just 31 years old and in army service. Crosby and her grandmother promised that one day she will bring her father remains at home and bury in their beloved hometown Sad Diego.

About a year ago American military investigator found the remains of her father in a fish pond in North Vietnam. Now on this Friday Deborah is going to fulfill the promise that she did with her late grandmother 52 years ago.

After finding the casket of his father by six sailors Deborah touched the casket, met with her 3 brothers.

The elder sister of aviator’s Sharon and brother David also hugged her and at that time tears comes into her eyes and she said.

“I’m just overwhelmed with seeing the plane drive up and all of the uniforms and all of the respect and the honors that he’s receiving”.

The sailors saluted the remains of her father after finding it. Now, this Sunday the remains of pilot Frederick Crosby will be buried in his beloved homeland with full military honor and Navy flyover.

Deborah Crosby had not any doubt about his father death but she wanted to find the dead body of her father and even she found that.

According to Deborah Crosby, “it just changed my life in so many ways”. In New York, the energy consultant had been told in his one interview that “It relieved a lot of sadness that I’ve been carrying around in my heart very quietly.”

At that time the U.S military doing their duty well to find the missing service members of the military from worldwide, and according to families of National League and U.S prisoners, 969 missing military persons has been found that were missed in the Vietnam War in 1975 but 1611 cases still under investigation.

It was just due to Deborah effort because she called inquires at daily basis to ask about her father case.

After many years passing her mother and grandmother passed away before that the investigators reached to that place of her father remains.

According to the report that was given to the Deborah Crosby, an 89-year-old man told the investigators that he could not remember that what was the year or month but I remember that during the war I was cooking the limestone when I heard the gunfire and I ran outside to investigate about that fire. There I saw two planes, in which one was burning even the wings and tail surface was totally removed. The 2nd plane hit that plane and kept flying toward the sea. He told the investigators that I saw the burning craft with my own eyes in front of my house.

After getting this new information U.S. military decided to search in a bottom of the pond in 2015. Where they emptied it, they found the pilot’s uniform, his bones, wedding band and chrome lighter too.

Deborah Crosby has finally shed her tears that were stored inside of her. Crosby said that “It’s nice to be able to let out the tears and to have some relief in our hearts. And now we’re able to talk about it. Before we didn’t talk much about this and now we can talk proudly and we have you know a happier ending and we can visit my dad’s gravesite”.

The brothers of Crosby wanted to keep the fabric, lighter and wedding dress band,

But she wants to keep the flag draped over his coffin. About this flag draped Crosby said, “hold it close to my heart.”

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