Coptic Christian Vehicles Targeted by Gunmen


It is very sad to hear about the Egypt where  Gunmen fire on vehicles in the early morning of Friday that is carrying Coptic Christians. In this attack 20 people killed on the spot. It is investigated by the state news agencies that this attack was due to religious matter. Because Christian is lived in Egypt in minority.

According to Christian official of Minya Province in the south of Cairo, the attackers opened fire on a pickup truck that was carrying worker people and one bus that carrying worshipers including children, men, and women also. They were going to the St. Samuel’s church for their some special religious activities. Most of the worshipers were children.

Spokesman of health ministry Khaled Mughal told to the state-run media Al-Masriya that there were 50 ambulances at the scene at that time.

Officer Ibrahim Samir said that “We are having a very hard time reaching the monastery because it is in the desert”. It’s so confusing and has a feeling of sorrow that small children also killed in this religious attack.

The governor of Minya Province told the Reuters that there are total 23 people has been dead and 25 wounded. Officer Ibrahim Samir further explained that in workers there were mostly gardeners and builders that were working at the church.

According to the state of news media, this monastery was a part of the outing of those worshipers in which includes 40 children and a church chaperone also. And the sad news is that only three children were found alive on Friday morning after that attack and all affected people were in serious condition.

The Islamic state accepts the responsibility for the bombing of the main Coptic cathedral in Cairo on December 2011. And also the attack of the church that was happened in Alexandria and another one in Tanta on Palm Sunday on April 9. There were 78 people killed in this attack. But the incidents with the Christian community is not stopped here, in February a small Christian community located in northern Sinai ruined completely due to multiple attacks of guns on their homes and businesses.

After the Palm Sunday attacks, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi declared a form of emergency.

So this was the problem for Christian in Egypt. And this was not the only one problem because many of them have already left the Egypt in recent years. The official discrimination makes the situation very difficult for Christian even some churches had to do their religious activities in hiding. Religion is the most important thing for any nation that if the government gave religion independence to the people, it means that they are safe and free in this country.

Coptis Church Leadership that is under the Tawadros II has given vocal power support to Mr. Sisi who has come to power in 2013. But that support did not give the security to the Coptic Church and it also becomes the target of banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Now at this time, it is not cleared that who is responsible for that attack. But it is cleared that in recent years the Coptic Church have been targeted several times.

Coptic Christian consists of the 10% of the whole population of Egypt which is 91 million total Christian in Coptic Christian Community.

After killing the security forces hundred of Muslim Brotherhood demonstrates in central Cairo in 2013 and at that time they also attacked multiple Coptic churches and homes.

Now the tension is increased with the passage of time between Muslims and Christian at highest level. That is proved in Friday morning attack and severe attack on Copts Church in 2013.

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