Little Girl Was Paralyzed By A Tick Hiding In Her Hair

What Is Tick

Tick is basically a small parasite that lives in the body of mammals, birds, and reptiles and also on amphibians. It feeds on the blood of these mammals by sucking from their body. Ticks located around the whole world especially in warm and humid climates.

They belong to two major families. One of them is hard ticks that are difficult to crush and the other soft ticks. They have eight legs on their body. Ticks have four stages of their lifecycle that are an egg, larva, nymph and the last stage is when it becomes to adult. Hard ticks take minimum one year to complete its life cycle by having three hosts. Tick is a parasite that is the vector of minimum 12 diseases in human and other mammals.

What is Tick Paralyze

Tick paralyze is a tick born disease. The main cause of this disease is the neurotoxin that is produced in tick