Pain During Period Days And Its Preventions

Period days of women is not a disease. It is a natural thing that faces every woman in every month. During these period days secretion of wastage, blood starts from the uterus with pain in your bladder cavity. In the first year when it comes to starting in young girls, pain can be severe. But with the passage of time it becomes lower and at last, when the first baby born after marriage it totally disappears. The reason for pain during periods when uterus sheds its natural lining then your muscle of uterus contracts to shed the natural lining. When a muscle contracts blood flow starts and result in pain. Some women face severe pain during these days and in some women, it can be bearable.

To remove the period’s pain women used different pain killer. Pain can be removed by using these pain killer. But the excess of using this painkiller not safe for health. So instead of using the painkiller, you should use some home made remedies that would not affect your health and will help to remove the pain.

Pain during periods can be of two type.

In normal situation feeling pain at your belly place. Feeling pressure in your belly and also feeling pain in hips and lower back.

But in the type of pain

With all above symptoms, you will face upset stomach, some time vomiting also starts with loose stools. In the 2nd condition, an infection can be placed in your uterus. So must consult your doctor. Because many complexities can occur in women uterus during these days. So told to your doctor if you feel any severe condition or having irregularities in periods.

Drink tea with low level of caffeine

The doctor suggested that when you feel the pain you should drink one cup of hot drink. Like one cup of tea. Even if you will drink just warm water it will reduce your pain. You can take tea of some natural ingredients like ginger tea, green tea, cardamom tea, lemongrass tea or some type of herbal tea. It will provide you freshness and help to decrease your pain.

Drink lots Of Water

It’s recommended by doctors that drinking a large amount of water in normal days is important for health. You should drink 8 to 10 glass of water in the will keep your body healthy. Especially in women’s periods days, your body needs a large amount of water. So drink water more and more as you can.  Your body heated up during these days so that’s why it require more water.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is a best natural herb that plays a key role in reducing the pain. It also has the ability to fight against the premenstrual syndrome and makes the irregular periods regular. For using this just grand a small piece of ginger and boil it in one cup of water. After boiling 5 minutes. Drink this lukewarm tea. Use this tea 3 times in a day. You will feel much better after using this.

Apply Heat at Your Abdomen

I already told you that warm water or tea can reduce your period’s pain. You can also apply heat to your abdomen by putting warm water botel at your abdomen. Heat will help you relax the contracting muscles of the uterus, that’s the main cause of pain. Heat pads also available in a market. You can use them also in these days.

Avoid from Coffee

You can also reduce your period’s pain by just changing your diet. Reducing the coffee consumption as much you can. Because it is the best vasoconstrictor. It will help to contracts and tight the uterus muscles more, that will increase the pain also. If you can’t leave coffee just avoid it during period days. You will feel the change in your period’s pain.

Avoid Fatty Food

Avoid hot foods that have a lot of salts, this will impact that how bloated you feel and also a level of pain during your periods days.

Yu should eat the healthy diet and fruits like the banana that is a rich source of potassium will help you to move your bowel movements. And eat vegetables that have a lot of iron to avoid from the weakness of periods.

Simple Cinnamon-infused Recipe

Cinnamon contains anticlotting, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve menstrual pain. It’s also an excellent source of dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, and manganese.

For using cinnamon take one-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon and boil it with one cup of water. Now add one teaspoon of honey in this tea. Drink it when you feel pain.

Try this tea 3 times on the first day of periods. If you used 2 days before your periods starting you will fell less pain during periods days.


Try these remedies at home during periods instead of taking expensive medicine. That also have some side effects. But in other cases must consult your doctor.