10 Home Made Tips For Removing Kidney Stones

The kidney is a most important organ of our body. It helps to filter the impurities from the blood, pulls the wastage products out of the body and regulates the fluid balance. Kidney moves the extra water, unnecessary nutrients, and towards the bladder in form of urine. When it can not pull the wastage and minerals, then small crystal of minerals begins to develop in the kidney. A kidney stone is a common issue. Some chemicals combine in kidneys like calcium, phosphorus, uric acid and oxalic acid. It can also develop due to imbalance minerals, dehydration, or due to improper diet.

The symptom of kidney stones is severe pain above the waist line. Other symptoms can be in the form of severe pain during urine, nausea, urine comes again and again, vomiting and excessive of sweating.

You should consult your doctor in this case. But in many cases, you can use some homemade tips that can be treated with the help of natural ingredients. You can also use these tips to prevent from the stones in future.

The important tip that I told you first, drink water more and more as you can. If you will drink 8 t 10 glass daily in normal routine, your urine will become clear and white. This is a good sign of health.

1.Combination Of lemon, Olive Oil, and Apple Cider Vinegar

The combination of these three things that olive oil, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. It the most effective remedy at home for the kidney stone. When you notice the first symptoms of kidney stone, mix two ounces of lemon juice with two ounces of olive oil. Drink as it is. Now drink 12 ounces of pure water and wait 30 minutes. Now take ½ teaspoon of lemon juice and mix it with water, add 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and drink. Repeat this method after each hour until symptoms improve.

2.Uva Ursi

 Uva ursi is also the best home made the remedy. It will not only heal the infection in kidney but will also clean your kidney. It is studied that 500 mg Uva Ursi three times a day helps to remove the kidney.

3.Dandelion Root

 Dandelion is the best thing that is used to clean the kidney. Take 500 mg dandelion in a day for cure disease.

4.Kidney Beans

 kidney beans are called kidney beans due to their shape. And you know it’s the very effective thing for your kidney health. It’s an excellent source of magnesium that helps to reduce the symptoms of kidney stones.it is also used as a medical tonic. For using this remove the beans from the pods and boil them in the hot water till six hours. Stir this liquid and wait until it cooled. Now drink this water throughout the day to relieve the kidney pain.


 Horsetail is also a natural thing that helps to cure the kidney disease. Just drink the horsetail tea daily or you can also take 2 grams capsule of that herb daily.

6.Pomegranate Juice

 Pomegranate is no doubt very healthy fruit that has many benefits. But its seeds and juice are another natural remedies used for kidney stones. This is due to its sour nature properties. I suggest that eat organic pomegranates and drink the fresh juice of this also.


 It is studied that in people who eats magnesium for a cure of kidney disease have been found positive symptoms. Magnesium orotate is the best source of magnesium.

8.Organic Celery

 Celery seeds are the big urine promoter and best kidney tonic. It is a type of vegetable. Using of organic celery or tea at regular basis helps to reveal the symptoms of kidney stones.


You can take basil tea throughout the day for proper fluid and uric acid. It supports the kidney. For kidney stones take one teaspoon of a raw honey mix with one teaspoon of basil juice. Try this remedy up to six months.

10.Change in Diet

Unhealthy food is the main cause of kidney stones. So reduce the amount of soda in your daily diet and also energy drinks. Eat salad and fruits that have more water.


Try these remedies at home if you have a kidney problem. If you have any question about this article then feel free to ask in comment box.