Take Watermelon Seeds and Boil Them

Watermelon seeds can help in the treatment of various diseases

Juicy watermelons are super delicious and refreshing, especially in hot summer days. They are packed with vitamin C, pantothenic acid, copper, biotin, potassium, vitamin A (carotenoids), vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and magnesium. But, wait until you see what watermelon seeds can do for you.

They are packed with fatty acids, essential proteins, minerals like magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins like thiamine, niacin, and folate.

Watermelon seeds contain citruline substances that provide an antioxidant power and a positive effect in the treatment of arteriosclerosis, hypertension, angina, and erectile dysfunction. It also promotes the expansion of blood vessels.

The seeds can help in the treatment of kidney diseases and problems with the urinary tract. Make yourself a nice cup of tea using these seeds to get rid of kidney stones and sand.

Cook, grind and bake watermelon seeds in order to get the maximum of their benefits.

The miraculous recipe

Grind 20-30 watermelon seeds, and cook them in 2 liters of water for 15 minutes. Drink the tea for 2 days and make a break the next day.

Repeat the tea treatment for a few weeks, but it is really important that you make a break every third day.

Health benefits

  1. Stronger heart

Watermelon seeds are packed with magnesium, which is essential for the heart. These seeds also regulate the blood pressure and improve the metabolic functions. Use the seeds more often to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure.

  1. Prevent aging

Antioxidants prevent premature aging, strengthen skin structure and provide a healthy complexion.

  1. Acne treatment

Dip a cotton bud in watermelon seed, and dab it over your acne. It will also remove any dirt and dead skin cells. Watermelon seed oil works well for every skin type, and it will also help you treat skin issues.

  1. Stronger hair

Protein and amino acids strengthen hair. Roasted seeds make hair shinier because of their copper content. Melanin is a pigment that