Instead Of Being Sorry, This Policeman Was Happy To Shoot An Innocent Dog In The Head


Cali’s death didn’t have to happen. She was described as a caring and sweet dog. Sadly one police officer in Ardmore, Oklahoma lost control of his emotions – and shot her dead in 2014.

The worst part of it is that the officer actually boasted about how good a shot he was – take a look.

The story is that Cali jumped over the fence in her backyard and was loose in the neighborhood. That is when Officer Brice Woolley saw her.

Cali is a pit bull – maybe that was all provocation the officer needed.

So, brave Officer Woolley pulls out his shotgun and shoots Cali in the neck. Then he has his little celebration. Cali was not doing anything.

No one called about a loose dog that was causing trouble. This officer was a little trigger happy, and he took a life. Woolley called animal control and told them he ‘had’ to shoot the dog.