Energy drinks found to be shockingly toxic to the human heart

It seems like everywhere you look you can see energy drinks or ads for them – the market has exploded, even just in the last ten years – and today more than 500 different energy drinks are on the market. But did you know those drinks just might kill you?

A new study shows that drinking 32 ounces daily can cause terrible damage to your cardiovascular system – including causing death.

However, because most of these products are advertised as “supplements” rather than as “beverages,” they aren’t monitored the same way, nor are nutrition labeling requirements the same.
The FDA notes that up to 400 milligrams – the equivalent of 5 cups of coffee – of caffeine is generally regarded as safe for a daily dosage. Most of these energy drinks, however, contain far more than elevated levels of caffeine, courtesy their “proprietary energy blends” – and those extra additives frequently come with nasty side effects.