Are you drinking enough water? Here are 10 common signs of dehydration


If we were put on a deserted island with fresh water but without any food, we would survive up to eight weeks. The situation changes drastically without water, though, and in most cases, a human cannot survive more than 5 days.Without water, our organs start to deteriorate and our bodies shut down.

This is because the human body is made up of more than 60% water and the brain itself almost 85% water. Don’t believe us? Read what the water science school has to say.

Of course it is unlikely that we will ever be in this extreme situation but many of us suffer from various forms of dehydration on a daily basis.

Here are 10 signs you may be dehydrated:

1) You suffer from frequent dull headaches.

If you seem to suffer from frequent dull headaches and you are otherwise healthy it is very likely that you are suffering from a mild form of dehydration. A study by the Journal of nutrition found that even 1.36% dehydration could potentially cause headaches.

Maybe it’s time you opted for a glass of water instead of that 3rd cup of coffee.

2) You always feel hungry, never satisfied even if you have just eaten.

Our bodies sometimes get confused. We feel hungry, we crave certain foods but in reality, our bodies are actually screaming for water. If you are struggling to stay away from the vending machine perhaps you might actually be thirsty instead

3) You suffer from constipation

Being constipated is no laughing matter, and what makes matters worse is that it is an embarrassing problem to talk about with your doctor. Here’s the thing, if you feel like you are upping your fiber intake and still struggling to go, it may be that water is your missing ingredient.

This study highlights the importance of hydration in preventing constipation and other chronic diseases.

4) You have a dry mouth

According to Science Daily, when you are dehydrated your body slows down on making saliva, which has antibacterial properties. The end result is an unpleasant and dry mouth. Keep a jug of water at your desk and try to challenge yourself to drink a glass every hour.