10 reasons why you should never dump pickle juice down the drain

5) Make this delicious rye bread. King Arthur Flour share this recipe on their website – it’s a moist, tangy rye bread perfect for sandwiches and toasting – and the secret ingredient is pickle juice!
6) Restore electrolytes. Pickle juice helps restore electrolytes in the body, allowing you to feel more hydrated.
7) Cure a hangover. Because of pickle juice’s ability to replenish electrolytes, it’s a great hangover aide, according to Diet of Life.
8) Revive house plants. Your plants need a lot of potassium to survive. Pickle juice contains potassium which helps plants be more healthy.
9) Clean copper pans. Your copper pots and pans turn green due to a process called oxidation. This process is easily reversed by mixing a sodium and acid solution, or you can simply use pickle juice – a convenient mix of the salt and vinegar you need.
10) Soothe sunburn. According to The Kitchn, the vinegar in the pickle juice soothes sunburned skin – even better if it’s cool from the fridge.
So next time you eat the last pickle, think again before throwing away the juice! Try making your own pickled veggies, giving your house plants an extra drink, or making your very own moist and tangy rye bread. Yum!