Man admires the fence he repaired

Sometimes, even a job done well is a failure. In a video posted in July 2014 by YouTube user rgraves62002, a man appears to be admiring the result of a day’s work in his backyard. “Yep, just completed fixing this fence,” the man says as his camera sweeps back and forth. “Pretty proud of it, I’d have to say. Try to keep Stella in the yard.”

At this point, a large dog — presumably Stella — bounds into view, runs to one end of the fence and jumps right over it, almost without effort. There is a perfectly timed comedic pause, then the man says, “Dammit.”

In the comments section of the video, the original poster explains why he thought the fence would be high enough to contain Stella: “Before I made the fence, I had Stella jump a baby gate inside and when she stopped jumping it I added six inches (15.2 centimeters).” In a classic ‘blame the dog’ moment he adds, “She set me up!”

What did the man eventually do with the useless fence? Another comment from rgraves62002 says it is now serving as “a treehouse with a zip-line for my grandson!”
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