She Had A Gut Feeling Something Was Wrong, So She Kept Filming Pregnant Pan Handler [video]

It seems like every day we hear stories about someone pretending to be down and out so they can get a free ride. Unfortunately, most of these stories are not much more than urban legend and anecdotal.

However, we just found a video on YouTube, courtesy of San Diego ABC10, that shows a real life swindler in action. You are not going to believe this story until you watch the video.

ABC10, San Diego reported that a local woman named Melissa Smith had observed a pregnant woman who claimed to be down and out for over two months.

Ms. Smith said that every weekend, she would see the unidentified woman panhandling in an area supermarket parking lot with a cardboard sign asking for handouts.

Smith had felt for the woman, who seemed to be down on her luck, until last weekend when she saw the panhandler leave the parking lot in a luxury car with a man while pumping gas at a nearby gas station.