Do this Every Morning and Lose the Excess Weight in Just Seven Days! (Verified)

One problem that a lot of people have these days is a pot belly or belly fat. This can be caused by a poor dietary routine consisting of an over dependency on refined and processed foods for your daily nourishment. It can also be aggravated by poor habits, such as; excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, keeping a sedentary lifestyle and not engaging in regular exercises. You will need a holistic approach when it comes to getting your belly fat burnt off naturally and that begins with you keeping to a regular exercise routine.

One exercise routine that has been tried, tested and verified as being effective in shedding belly or abdominal fat is the double-leg lift technique.

The Double-Leg Lift Exercise Technique

You can effectively burn out that excessive belly fat with a simple technique known as the double-leg lift technique. If you try out this exercise on a daily basis and for a period if one week you will notice significant improvements in the size of your pot belly, as it will noticeably reduce in size.

How Is This Exercise Done?

  • You need to first of all lie flat on your back, with your arms and the palms of your hands facing down, flat on the floor as well.
  • Your legs should be touching each other and stretched out.
  • You need to then lift your legs while they are still touching, as high as you can over your head.
  • Bring your legs down while they are still touching and straightened out, back to your starting posture.
  • Repeat as many times as you like, you will feel the strain on your abdomen, which is a sign that the exercise is working. Make sure your arms and hands do not move or shift position whilst you are lifting your legs and bringing them down also.
  • Speed up the exercise, that us the lifting and dropping off your legs if you can, in order to put more pressure on your abdominal region.
  • After about 20 double-leg lifts, you can take a break and stand on your feet. Do some stretching exercises of your choice and then return back to the double-leg lift exercise and repeat once more for about 20 or more double-leg lifts.
  • By doing this exercise daily and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will loose that belly fat within seven days.

So stay shed excess abdominal fat today with this simple exercise and you will be glad you did!

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