It was like any other night as Officers Roger Garcia and Sam Rodriguez patrolled their section of town. Although they are often prepared for abnormal circumstances like this baby, tonight would be a whole new ball game for the both of them.

It was a Monday night when Officers Garcia and Rodriguez noticed a vehicle swerving all across the road. Within moments, their lights and siren came on and they pulled the vehicle over.

As they approached the vehicle, the two officers were shocked at what they saw. In the car with what looked to be a drunk father, were three children. The children, who were 5-years-old, 2-years-old, and 2-months-old, looked paralyzed with fear in the backseat.

The police desperately held it together when they 2-month-old wasn’t even buckled in. The father was obviously arrested but the police were then left to take care of the children. The officers began telling KOAT news that their interaction with the kids in that moment could affect how they view police for the rest of their lives.

“It was really hard to be professional when we had such strong opinions about the morality of the situation,” the officers said. “We really tried to keep it together for the welfare of the kids. We tried to be happy with them and give them a secure feeling.”

The officers on scene decided to take the two older kids to McDonalds since they looked hungry. As for the 2-month-old, Rodriguez prepared a bottled of formula using his flashlight and car heater!

Watching an officer feed a baby he doesn’t even know is one of the most touching images I have seen. “I’ve always baby-sat since I was a kid, but I’ve never done it with a gun on my belt in the passenger seat of a patrol car with a rifle next to me,” Rodriguez recalled.

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