Baby outgrew her crib – Dad repurposes it and transforms it into a beautiful piece for home

So your kid has finally grown out of the old baby crib and is walking about. Instead of throwing your crib out or leaving it around to collect dust, here are some amazing ways to put it to great use!

Turn your crib into a wonderful play station with ease. It’s a great way to get your child into arts and crafts early on.
Or you can turn it into a work station for yourself.
Use the spring base of your old crib to create a wonderful photo board!
The spring base to your crib can be much more versatile. You can also use it to hang your jewelry.
Or even to hang your plants!
For those who are crafty, your old crib can actually make for a wonderful patio swing!
You could also repurpose the walls of your crib into a handy magazine rack.
It works great for kitchen-ware too!It works great for kitchen-ware too!
It works great for kitchen-ware too!
Running out of shed space? Your crib can be a great to store your gardening tools.
This one is definitely my favorite. What better way to reuse an old item than to turn it into a minibar!
Nothing beats sitting on the front porch on a clear, beautiful day. Just make some adjustments to the old crib and voila!
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