Woman’s Boyfriend Started Scalping Her 3-Year-Old Daughter… And Didn’t Stop There


Andrew Milburn from Russiaville, Indiana, took his girlfriend’s daughter, 3, to a party at his parents’ house. The girl’s mother, Noel Maxwell, had stayed home to catch up on some rest. When Milburn and the young girl returned later that evening, Maxwell was asleep.

In the morning, Maxwell noticed severe swelling and bruising on her daughter’s head and asked Milburn about it. At the time, Milburn said the girl had fallen out of a chair at the party. Concerned, Maxwell took her daughter to the St. Vincent’s Hospital – it was there that she learned that her injuries were consistent with ‘scalping.’

Scalping? Yes, Milburn had managed to detach the girl’s scalp from her skull, the swelling was the result of blood that had settled around the skull. The toddler was transferred to Riley Hospital for Children for care, and an investigation was started.

Investigators learned that Milburn had pulled the 3-year-old’s hair and had dragged her around by the hair while at his parents’ house. The young girl was also reportedly struck in the head several times.

Why his parents did nothing to stop this or to help the young girl in any way is unclear. Milburn was arrested and charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury to a person less than 14.

His bond had been set at $25,000. After spending a few days in the hospital, the toddler was released and sent home. Can part of his punishment be that he is scalped, so he knows what that feels like?

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