Mom Caught Her Son Holding His Baby Sister, The Song He Sings To Her Is Going Viral

Gazing into his beautiful baby sister’s eyes inspired this young boy to sing a special song just for her. Brother sat very still on the couch as a pillow helped prop up his baby sister on his lap. He was gentle, kind, and loving like only the best of brothers are. He not only wrapped his arms around her to make her feel loved, he went the extra mile and sang her a song. The song he chose to sing was the sweetest one he possibly could have chosen, and as soon as he did, it surely brought so much joy to their mother’s heart.

A moment as special as this had to be filmed, so mom brought out her camera to capture it. Seeing this little boy sing with such sincerity shows right through the lens. He belts out the words to “You Are So Beautiful” and means every single phrase. Not long ago in this little boy’s life, he anticipated her birth, and now he sings, “You’re everything I’ve hoped for.” Siblings have a special bond. It’s extra special when siblings like these are able to have moments that allow them to share the love.

This tiny baby girl makes her brother so proud. His eyes sparkle as he sings this familiar classic. At the same time, this brother makes his sister feel so comforted. In the safety of his arms she listens to his soft voice sing of her beauty. Watch his precious song and the most adorable ending in the video below!