Each organ in human organism is affected by the acidity level: the lungs, bones, brain, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines and skin. If your body is too acidic, then you will not feel so fantastic.

When the organism gets into a state of acidosis, it becomes the best breeding place where illness and disease easily manifest. If your body preserves its alkaline set-point, it will have less persistent inflammation and that is one of the main causes of almost any illness.

The body of some person who is consuming Basic American Diet plan (SAD) for long period of time stays in a constant state of level of acidity. And when the organism remains in a chronic acidic state, all of the necessary minerals are eliminated from the organs and bones in order to reduce the effects of the acid and remove it from the body. As experts explain, that is the reason why there is an up-rise in osteoporosis: the bones literally are being leached of the valuable minerals had to safeguard them (including calcium, salt, magnesium and potassium). At the point when these mineral reserves are completely diminished, there are no more reserves to bring into play the body simply continues to run more and more acidic. When this occurs, major illness (like cancer) begins to show up.

Many grains, dairy products, soy and meats are acidic. Extremely acidic drinks and foods are coffee, alcohol, highly processed foods, refined sugar, sugar replacements and GMO oils (and GMO food entirely). When you consume some of these foods or drinks, acidic waste products are produced from the metabolism of these foods. All these waste items need to be reduced and for that purpose you should consume alkaline foods, which literally will neutralize the acids of an unhealthy diet.

Below there is list of 20 indications that your body is too acidic: