This 28-Year-Old Poses For A Photo, But When You Look Down, You’ll Be Disgusted.

Sarah Louise Bryan from the UK has a weakness for unique fashion. She’s already made a dress out of Skittles, which is harmless compared to her latest creation. The 28-year-old cosmetologist had everyone horrified when she displayed the organic material she used for her most recent dress and made a call for sperm donations “to use as glue” for the next one. Whoa.

Sarah’s not telling anyone what the finished product will look like, but if you take a look at her last design, you can probably make some estimation. This one was also made of a “material” that was no less controversial.

Sarah made an entire dress out of pubic hair. She collected donations from the public in a similar fashion: via Twitter. She said she was inspired by Lady Gaga’s “Meat Dress,” but wanted to top the diva with the world’s strangest dress. She said the strangeness first hit her when she was constructing the dress. Of course she wore gloves while handling the hair, but she still couldn’t mask her gag reflex. She eventually had to wear safety glasses and a mask to continue.

To lower the disgust factor further, Sarah disinfected the pubic hair before using it. “I didn’t want to get crabs,” she said. Apparently the hair was extremely difficult to work with since it stuck to everything. But with a little patience and a lot of hot glue, she finished her project in one month.


Sarah has big plans for her hairy design. She is selling the pubic hair dress for 10,000 pounds (around $13,000). She said she would love it if Lady Gaga decided to wear the dress, but she’s open to whoever wants it. She said the attention she’s gotten is just more incentive to continue with her disgusting collection. Her call for donations over Twitter shows that this is probably just the beginning of her design career.

The fashion world better get ready for her entire collection. But I don’t think we’ll be seeing her designs in the display windows of H&M anytime soon…