Learn How to Reduce by 100 % The Terrible Pain of The Sciatic Nerve, Naturally

Without being perceived day by day we submit our body to extreme demands in regards to muscles and joints and this is how neck and back contractures arise. For this, nothing better than a massage in the indicated places so you can recover the mobility and feel good again.

This stiffness in the nape of the neck can arise as a result of poor posture we take in front of the computer, sleep in a position where the muscles of the neck are distended, injuries caused by the practice of a sport, hold the phone between the jaw and Shoulder for a long time, make a head turn abruptly and what is never lacking in all kinds of pathology; stress.

This stiffness in the neck that can then be extended to the back not only generates pain in the same area but can also cause headaches, shoulder pain and even the arm.
The best in these cases is a massage to help relieve contractures so you do not need to take anti-inflammatory drugs that will damage your stomach, but sometimes it is not easy to find qualified masseurs or you can find the time to attend one, so That we suggest exercises that you can do yourself to relieve the pains caused by contractures.