Judge Makes Unexpected Decision Regarding Teen Who Severely Abused Autistic Boy


The severe lightening of a sentence on Lauren Bush, 17, from Maryland for her charges of distribution of an obscene video and second-degree assault on a 16-year-old autistic boy has caused an uproar among those involved. Identified only by his middle name, the victim of the crimes, Michael has been put through hell thanks to Bush and her 15-year-old accomplice.

The two girls recorded themselves committing these horrible deeds as well. Among the bullying and assault acts performed were beating up the boy, pushing him into a frozen pond, and attempting to use a car to run over him.

They have also demanded that Michael have sex with the family dog, and in one instance, have held a knife up to his throat in his own home.

Originally, the trial against Bush began in an adult court. This move caused her crimes to add up to a possible sentence of 80 years in prison. However, this didn’t last, as the case was transferred to a juvenile court and she got off with four years in a juvenile facility. Meanwhile her accomplice received up to six years in a juvenile facility.

Even if she didn’t need to do 80 years of adult jail time, the four year sentence is surely letting her off too easy. What do you think?

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