She squeezes mustard into a hot bathtub. When she gets in, she breathes a sigh of relief.

When most people think of mustard, a sandwich or a hot dog probably comes to mind. But actually, it can be used for so much more! Not only is it a delicious condiment but it’s also great for your health. Read the following instructions and prepare to be amazed! You’ll never see mustard in the same way.

Relax your Muscles

Suffering from cramps? Do you have regular muscle pain? Mustard can work to keep this pain under control. If large muscles are affected, such as the ones in your back or legs, try taking a warm mustard bath. Mix two tablespoons of mustard with two tablespoons of Epsom bath salt and add the mixture to your bathwater. The mustard enhances the effectiveness of the salt and works to relieve painful tension. For