89-Year-Old Gets Thrown Out Into Streets. Neighbor Slips Something In Hand Before She Leaves


Angie Tyma lived in her Hudson, Florida home for 35 years – then things took a sudden, dark change. The 89-year-old was evicted from her house without warning!

With nowhere else to stay, Angie was forced onto the streets and eventually landed at a Days Inn motel until she could figure out a more permanent living situation.

Little did she know her neighbors were in the middle of doing something amazing….

Years ago Angie decided she didn’t want to fuss around with mortgage payments, utilities and the other complications that come with owning a home. So she found a buyer who agreed to let her rent the home from them for a monthly lump sum, and sold it to them happily.

Unbenounced to Angie, the owner (who lived in Europe) stopped using Angie’s money to pay the mortgage and the home went into foreclosure.

Angie told TODAY that the lack of payments to the bank was news to her.

“They threw me out. I couldn’t believe it.”

Due to her big personality, Angie became a staple member of the community over the past three decades.

Her neighbor, Danielle Calder, spoke to TODAY about how important she was to the entire neighborhood.

“Everybody knows Angie.

She has two little dogs that she walks. She’s an elderly woman, but she’s pretty feisty, and she has lots of energy.”

The moment Danielle heard of Angie’s eviction, she started thinking about how to make things right.

Danielle spoke to the bank and agreed to purchase the home for a whopping $167,500. But the home wasn’t for her to live in, as she explained to TODAY – it was all for her elderly neighbor.

“Quite honestly, I didn’t need another house.

But I needed her. I couldn’t see her living in a motel room… she’s been here so long. Everyone looks out for her….

It was the right thing to do.

We’re family – the whole neighborhood.”

Three weeks after moving into the motel, on Angie’s birthday, Danielle welcomed her back into the house. Although Angie pays a small monthly sum to her neighbor for rent, she says that Danielle’s sweet offer was the miracle she had been praying for.

Learn more about Angie’s story in the video below.

Danielle knows we need to take care of the elderly, not boot them out on the street or rip them off financially. Thankfully there are still selfless people like her in the world!



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