Funeral Director Thought His Secret Was Safe, 50 Years Later His World Comes Crashing Down


When Harold Lee Massey showed up to church at Littleton, North Carolina, he never expected to be taken away in handcuffs. But the 62-year-old gospel singer and funeral director has sinned in one of the worst way possible under the eyes of God.

The Gospel singer has been charged with 50 counts of indecent liberties with an unidentified boy-child victim. But now the accused child molester is back on the streets of North Carolina because he posted the $250,000 bond on Wednesday.

The gospel singer has recorded five albums and was considered a “moral” man by all accounts until the truth about his attraction to little boys was discovered. Learn more about this fiendish criminal in the article below.

Besides the 50 counts of indecent liberties, Massey also faces an additional 31 counts of statutory sexual offense. But honestly it seems like the North Carolina police are letting this prolific child molester off easy…

The young victim of Massey’s depravity was a boy who started being abused when he was just seven years old. After six years of sexual, deviant torture by the gospel singer, the man is finally being charged with his crime.

Halifax County authorities announced that the charges ran for a six year period beginning in 2006 when the child know not the crimes the gospel singer committed upon his tiny body.

Because this arrest is an embarrassment to Halifax County, the Halifax County Sheriff Wes Tripp has declined to comment on why the allegations have only just come to light.

Massey will return to court on February 15 if he doesn’t skip town and try to escape the inevitable fist of justice coming for him.

The sexual abuse investigation into the singer has gone on for more than a month. The case remains open as investigators continue to find more proof that the serial abuser chose his little victims and preferred boys.

Besides singing about God, Massey and his wife operate Massey Funeral Homes. The company has locations in Roanoke Rapids, Jackson, and Aulander.

According to the charged child molester’s website, he is an “accomplished musician” best known for his gospel music. But was it all lies if this is what he was really doing behind the scenes?

Massey considers his piano playing to be one of his “greatest gifts. I am just in another world when I play.”

His wife, who may or not have been involved in helping Massey target his little boy victims, has penned the Rose Massey’s Homecoming Scrapbook Cookbook.

A brief description of the book reads on the site: “From salads and soups to meats and desserts, you will not want to miss out on good country food that you’ll find recipes for in Rose Massey’s Homecoming Scrapbook Cookbook.

“It’s a collection of recipes and photos from the Massey family to yours, so do not miss out on the opportunity to have this cookbook readily available in your kitchen when you want some good country eatin’.”

What do you think about this man’s crimes? How should he be punished?

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