‘I Want My Mommy!’ Toddler Screams In Video Found On Man’s Computer. The Reason Why Makes Them Sick To Their Stomachs


A twisted man in Maryland has been accused of filming himself molesting several little girls as they screamed for help.

A man in Maryland has been accused of sexually assaulting three little girls, two under the age of five, and recording the sick assaults.

According to WUSA9, an anonymous individual told police that 31-year-old Kyle S. Thompson showed off several videos of him having sex and molesting a 4-year-old girl and two other underage girls.

The charging documents even state that in one of the horrific videos, the toddler cried, “I want my mommy,” to which Thompson coldly screamed, “Your mommy can’t save you!”

In another one of the twisted videos, the little girl’s arms were reportedly tied together with a belt while Thompson performed disturbing sexual acts on her.

According to WUSA9, the abuse reportedly lasted for about six months in Thompson’s home and a surrounding wooded area in Burtonsville.

Police say Thompson is also suspected of attempting to molest the toddler’s older sister in the wooded area near his home in 2013.

According to police, the young girl knew Thompson, so she didn’t think much of it when he asked her for a simple hug.

When he went in for the hug, however, Thompson allegedly began trying to sexually abuse the little girl, who quickly ran away.

As WUSA9 reports, while searching Thompson’s home, investigators discovered tons of child porn on several computers and storage devices.

As police went through the horrific files, they reportedly discovered a video of a third victim—a 3-year-old girl—that Thompson had allegedly raped on camera.

Police have since revealed that the little girl was left alone with Thompson while her relative dashed to the store to buy some food.

Investigators say Thompson is an “extremely violent man,” who has been accused of beating and raping multiple females over the years.

As of now, Thompson is facing two counts of sex abuse of a minor, two counts of first degree sex offense, and one count of third degree sex offense.

Several news outlets have since shared this chilling story on Facebook, where hundreds of people are demanding justice for these little girls.

“Recorded RAPE of a CHILD!!! Do better with your headlines. This is a violent murder of a soul, even if they didn’t die, their souls have been taken. He deserves no less than the most painful, brutal, most long lasting punishment that man can bestow. After that he should have a bullet right between his eyes. No tolerance for this and no excuse for letting him out of prison as long as he breathes,” one woman commented.

“Death would be too convenient. Sentence him to life, in general prison population and let all the other inmates know his crimes in detail,” another added.

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