Cut out an egg carton and put it in the fridge. When you will fill it with this, you’ll understand the point.


We tend to take our fridge for granted, at least when it’s working properly. We open and close it several times a day and enjoy the cool food and beverages it provides for us. But all too often we let things pile up in there, and then we have to deal with the mess. Here are some handy tips to help you keep your magic cool box well-organized so you won’t end up having to remove a bunch of science experiments the next time you clean it.

1. Plastic bottles

Cut out an egg carton and put it in the door of your fridge. Now you can keep all those plastic squeeze bottles in it and they won’t flop around and fall out when you open the fridge door.

Storing them upside-down also means that the sauce will come out faster when you need it.

2. Magnets

Stick a magnet under your small tupperware containers. Now you can attach them to the inner wall of your fridge and free up some space.

You can also do this with bottles: these magnet rails on the top of the fridge are perfect for keeping the beers cold without crushing the cheese!

3. A “priority” food box

With a plastic box (cardboard doesn’t hold up well in the fridge) labeled “Eat Me First!”, you’ll be able to put your perishable goods inside so you see them first and eat them before they go bad. You’ll waste a lot less food!

4. The Lazy Susan

Are you tired of rummaging through the fridge to find what you’re looking for? Putting a “Lazy Susan” in there is an easy solution. Now you can just spin the turntable to find what you want.

How about some berries or fruit. Storing them in jars helps to preserve their flavor.

Now that’s clever!

These tips are simple, but they can make a huge difference. By saving space and organizing food better, you can prevent a lot of waste and that’s good for your wallet and the environment. Try them out!

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