Dog Was About To Be Put Down. As Lady Hugged Pup Goodbye, Something Happened She Still Can’t Explain


Meet Edie, an orphaned Maltese dog who was scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter. Just one day before the procedure was to take place, rescuers from Hope for Paws stepped in and saved Edie’s life. This uplifting video shows Edie’s journey from terrified and hopeless to saved, cleaned up, and loved.

The beloved pup who was once lost and neglected was gently cared for and made new, happy and whole again:

In a nutshell, Edie’s story mirrors what the gospel of Jesus Christ has to say about us: we are all hopeless and scheduled to be euthanized, so to speak. Jesus came down, saved us, cleaned and healed our hearts, and loved us. Edie did not save herself through works; she did not earn her rescue by being particularly obedient, or by making a case for how good she was.

Edie was saved because a human loved her and couldn’t bear to see her put to death. We are all like Edie, in that God loved us and couldn’t bear to see us die apart from him. Edie’s rescue from death is a picture of the beauty and redemption of the Gospel.

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