Instead Of Paying Someone Thousands To Remove Popcorn Ceiling, Here’s A Cheap DIY Way


If you’re like many people in America, your home has an ugly “popcorn ceilings.” These unsightly designs are built into many homes. But you probably thought you would never be able to remove them – at least not without spending thousands of dollars on a remodel or home renovation.

But thanks to YouTuber Aaron Rollins, we now have a new stress-free method to remove popcorn ceilings in a matter of minutes. The method works so well he filmed a video and shared it with the millions of people on YouTube.

Check out how you can remove your popcorn ceilings and make your home more beautiful for free!

How does Aaron solve the problem without creating a mess? With a simple trick and a few key ingredients.

First, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner, a spackle knife, and some duct tape.

Simply tape the spackle knife to your vacuum cleaner extension. This creates an all-in-one cleaner that leaves behind ZERO mess.

As you’ll see in the video tutorial, Aaron scrapes off the popcorn from his ceiling and the vacuum sucks up the junky pieces before they can fall to the floor.

TIP: Before you start scarping your ceiling with the spackle knife attachment on your vacuum, spray it with water. This will help loosen those ugly popcorn pieces and keep cleanup to a minimum.

Watch as Aaron swipes his spackle knife across the ceiling and sucks up all the dust and junk before it gets to the floor.

Since posting this ingenious life hack to YouTube, Aaron’s video has been seen nearly three million times.

Because the clip went viral, Aaron had to clarify a few things, which he stated in the video description: “I normally wear a dust mask, but it’s tough to narrate with one on obviously. There’s no asbestos in my ceiling, so pipe down crazy haters. See that tube going out the window, on most shop vacs you can attach an exhaust hose. So none of the dust gets blown into the house. I did not wet my ceiling, however it’s not a bad idea to do so, especially if you are worried about dust.”

In response, hundreds have posted comments on his channel about the ‘genius’ tip he created:

“Before this i used a paint scraper on a pole but adding the shop vac is awesome…..before the whole house was covered with fine dust…..but i do suggest wetting it down for extra protection and my ceilings had painted popcorn and takes a little extra effort and be prepared to fix nicks and dings or skim coat for a smoother finish…….thanks again for this helpful tip.”

“Wow you are a brave man, hope it is not asbestos.  I strongly suggest you don’t do this until you know it is asbestos free.”

“Hats off to you sir. You just saved me a whole lot of sweeping.”

While you should never attempt to remove popcorn ceilings yourself until you know that they are free of asbestos, do you think this trick is “amazing” as all of Aaron’s fans claim?

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