Thieves Tried To Siphon Gas But They Sucked Out Sewage By Accident


They say that life is full of lessons, and many of us find that we are going from one lesson to the next. At times, they are relatively easy to learn but at other times, they can be a hard lesson, indeed. That was the case for some thieves who were trying to make a hasty retreat with some petrol in Australia.

Apparently, they felt that they needed petrol enough that they would go to a tour bus in the middle of the night and siphon out the tank. That’s exactly what they did, but when they started sucking on the siphon hose, they got more than what they bargained for.

It turns out, they put the siphon hose in the wrong place and instead of siphoning petrol, they were siphoning straight out of the sewage tank!

An investigating police Sgt. had this to say.

“We can infer they [made] a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

The police are still trying to track them down but they are probably not trying too hard. After all, they have already been punished enough!

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