Heartless Human Crushes Her Eggs as Black Swan Mother Helplessly Looks on


Animal abuse should not be taken lightly. It should be highly discouraged – and we must step up to stop someone when he or she abuses these poor creatures. But what if no one did, and it unveiled a scene of horror?

In Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, a man, thought to be in his early twenties, thought it was extremely funny to intrude on a scenic area with black swans around. That was the swans’ nesting ground as well. The man wasn’t alone – many others stood there watching him.


It was then he started stomping his feet – on the swans’ nesting grounds.

It shattered all the eggs in the nest into many fragmented pieces.


The man was laughing repeatedly as he did so. No one stepped up to stop him, however. There were at least thirty others at the scene – and all they did was just to simply sit by and watch the cruel act happen over and over again.

The swans just sadly looked at the crushed eggshells.


Li Yaming, the attraction’s manager, rebutted that the eggs are actually useless – thus it is ok for them to be stepped upon.

Humanity needs a wake up call – we shouldn’t do this to animals!

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