When these mothers and daughters hang out together, it’s hard to tell which one is the mom and which one is the daughter. Can you guess?…


On the left and right are the 18-year-old twins Kyla and Kaylan. The woman in the middle isn’t another sister, she’s actually their 36-year-old mom!

Moments of love…moments to keep in ur heart…?? with my one and only ??????????.. @maria_bordovskikh

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Maria (18) giving her mom Julia (47) a hug.


Yasmin is 23 years older than her pink-haired daughter Amber!


When these two go out together, people think they’re sisters. But Natalie (left) is actually 24 years older.

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Aysaule (20) giving her mother Bayan (43) a peck on the cheek.

Mumzy and Sis #BeachVibes

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These three beach beauties are Ennis (25), her sister Chantal (26) and their mother Althea (41). Mom is the one in the middle!

Twins? Nope! Mother Svetlana with her daughter Polina (right).


It’s pretty obvious that 23-year-old Rochelle (right) gets her good looks from