7 effective yoga poses for beautiful breasts

Healthy living and exercise are vital to building a strong body. For those that are interested in building beautiful breasts, these yoga poses are effective at improving your breast, lung capacity, and build strong muscles for a better you!

Triangle Pose


The Triangle Pose is also known as Trikonasana, and it focuses on strengthening your thorax and spine, as well as improving your blood flow. To do this pose-

Place your feet apart. The left foot will be at a 90-degree angle and the right one 15 degrees. Take your left hand and touch your left ankle. From there, stretch your right arm towards the sky and keep a straight line. Make sure to keep your knees and spine straight too. look towards your right fingers and then repeat towards the other side.

Warrior Pose


The warrior pose, also known as the Virabhadrasana, is a pretty standard one in the world of yoga, but that doesn