Cop Visits Lonely Old Man, But Takes One Look At His Hair And Rushes To Call Nursing Home


Sgt. Jon Sterling is a husband, father, and police officer who has been with the Erlanger Police Department in Kentucky for more than 20 years. About four years ago, an elderly man named Norm called the police to report some suspicious activity in his area.

While responding to the call, Jon was instantly struck by Norm’s intelligence and eccentricities. He learned Norm was a Korean War veteran who lived by himself and enjoyed looking after his neighbors’ well-being.

Over the years, Jon and Norm struck up an unlikely friendship and undeniable bond. Recently, Norm turned 83 years old.

In February 2017, Jon was making his rounds around town when he noticed social workers gathered at Norm’s home. Since he hadn’t seen the old man in a long time, he decided to stop in and make sure everything was okay.

Jon couldn’t believe how different Norm suddenly looked. He had lost a lot of weight and looked tired and disheveled. Jon was particularly struck by how Norm’s beard had grown just as long as his hair. To the kindhearted cop, it was unacceptable for him to let his friend live like this.

The social workers told Jon that Norm had developed early on-set dementia. However, Norm had no close family members and could not take care of himself.

That’s when Jon, the husband, father and police officer, made a decision so incredible it’s now going viral.

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