Castor Oil and Baking Soda Can Treat More Than 24 Health Problems!

The properties of castor oil have been known since time immemorial. Over the years it has been used to combat, cure and treat endless health conditions. Today, science has been able to check many of its excellent benefits. Here we tell you how to use it to improve more than 24 common health conditions.

Castor oil is obtained from the plant called Ricinus Communis which contains 50% of the oil. The properties of castor oil are due to their content of ricinoleic acid. The seeds of this plant have a high level of toxicity, however the oil does not.

The ancient Egyptians were pioneers in using this oil to improve certain health conditions. The most common applications are as a purge and as a delivery accelerator. It is also excellent for improving blood circulation so it is generally used in various beauty treatments.

How to improve the appearance of the skin with castor oil?

To promote blood circulation and improve joint pain, castor oil is applied through compresses. Basically, the compresses allow the proper absorption of the oil and take advantage of the properties. Its elaboration is simple, but very effective.

To carry these compresses you will need:

-Clean cloths or gauze
-Paper kitchen film (kitchen plastic)
-Hot water bottle (hot water bottle)


1.Clean the area with a little water with baking soda to disinfect properly.
2.Soak the cloth with castor oil and place over the area to be treated.
3.Cover with kitchen foil.
4.Apply the hot water bottle to the compress.
5.Finally, wrap the towel over the area. This will allow the area to stay warm longer.
6.Leave on for 1 hour.
7.Remove everything and rinse with plenty of water.
8.Repeat the procedure daily. Do not exceed the treatment for more than 40 days,

These compresses also work to improve the discomfort caused by varicose veins, improve liver function, relieve pain and inflammation, improve digestion and relieve premenstrual pain.

24 Health Conditions That you can Deal With Castor Oil

1.A mixture of castor oil with a little baking soda works to lighten dark spots on the skin.

2.As one of the properties of castor oil is to improve the condition of the skin, can be applied through gentle massage, to improve stretch marks.

3.Helps to heal burns, cuts and small bruises.

4.Massages on the scalp stimulate hair growth and strengthen it.

5.It effectively eliminates pilonidal cysts.

6.Massage with castor oil on the ankle to cure sprains and injuries.

7.Drink 6 drops of castor oil, along with a glass of water, for 4 months, to cure tinnitus.

8.A drop of castor oil in the eyes, on a daily basis, helps to stop the cataract.

9.Drink 5 drops daily to fight severe allergic conditions.

10.Rubbing oil on the neck helps to treat throat nodules. The properties of castor oil also work to treat thickening of the vocal cords.

11.In case of allergies or conjunctivitis, rub castor oil on the eyelids before bed.

12.A drop of castor oil in each ear helps remove wax plugs.

13.Drinking 2 drops of castor oil a day helps remove nicotine from the body in ex-smokers. It is also an effective treatment to combat alcoholism.

14.Massage the soles of the feet to remove calcium deposits and plantal calluses.

15.As one of the properties of castor oil is to improve digestion, applied on the
16.stomach to improve diarrhea or constipation.

17.Relaxing massages with a little castor oil mixed with lavender are a treatment for hyperactivity.

18.Apply on the back to cure cervical or lumbar pains.

19.Removes fungi from the skin, such as athlete