A mini flower chain pattern is absolutely stunning. Here

Thanks to the internet, learning skills like crocheting is a breeze. Amateurs can even get fancy with their craft thanks to video tutorials. After you read these directions, you can make this beautiful beaded flower chain all by yourself.



  • A ball of yarn
  • Beads with a big enough hole to fit a crochet hook through
  • A crochet hook


1.) Make one chain stitch and tighten it.

2.) Chain one and remove your hook from the yarn. Then put your bead on your hook and pull your working loop through the bead and chain one to secure.

3.) Chain one again, then chain five.

4.) Pull your yarn into the first chain stitch that you made before you added your bead and pull your yarn through.screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-1-04-09-pm

5.) Chain five on the other side of the bead and make a slip stitch through the first chain stitch you made.

6.) Chain one, then work into the chain space of five. Single crochet six and on top of each single crochet make a three chain picot.

7.) Slip into the single crochet that you just made. Repeat this process to create more picots which will serve as your flower petals.


8.) When your flower is complete, you